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Born & bred in Co. Donegal, I am a self taught artist & have spent most of my life in my native Rossnowlagh, close to its magnificent golden strand listening to the chorus of the wild Atlantic waves, creating & surfing to my hearts content. A few years were spent in exile in Dublin in the 1970s where a promising career in architecture beckoned. However, by 1978, I had made good my escape from the big city & put in the foundations for a home on my father’s farm, overlooking Durnesh Lake, in Rossnowlagh. And I am still there today.

Surfing had arrived in Rossnowlagh in the mid 1960s courtesy of my mother who acquired a couple of surfboards for the use of the guests of her hotel, the Sand House, which is on the beach. But she also had five young sons who, when they spotted the potential for fun in the sea, commandeered the surfboards for their own amusement!




As the name of the shop, Britton and Daughters, suggests, Dad has always included his daughters in what he does. We don’t just go on surf hunts with him, share waves and cups of tea but also, a love for art and creativity. I specialise in bringing this analog man into the digital world. I am delighted to have collaborated with him on many projects that require digital skills thanks to my degree in Creative Digital Media and love of tech. Thankfully, I managed to convince him to let me build his online shop as well as manage his social media in a new collaboration to bring you all things Beardy Buck!

Britton and Daughters